Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm Still Alive!

Hey Mom, I made it to the CCM!!!! The flight was pretty uneventful. I wrote in my journal and wrote letters the whole time. I was the only missionary on my plane. :( then when I got to the airport I was the only missionary there. >.< I sat around with a brother for about 40 maybe 50 mins before he said I would just get trucked over to the CCM by myself. I haven´t met Elder Moore yet but he is my companion for the next 6 weeks. I did however meet some other elders and a sister who all got shipped over together. So we've been chilling.

Ummmmmmmm. Im not the only one who doesn't know any Spanish. As far as I can tell none of the missionaries met so far (well the new missionaries) know very much. So I´m not so out of place. It was kind of tough when I first got here. Everything was in Spanish and everyone was talking in Spanish - I was just so lost. I´ll see what I can do about uploading photos on my P-Day, which is Thursday if I´m reading my schedule correctly. I don't have my camera with me and the cable is buried. But yeah, next Thursday I´ll hit you up with some pictures. I´m sorry :(

Oh my gosh!! We just all almost died!!! Some alarm went off randomly and we were all confused and then getting yelled at to get out on the street. When we got out there we found out that we had just experienced our first Earthquake drill/possibly real life alarm. But we are all OK. Just sort of confused and excited.

It's actually pretty nice down here in Mexico. Low humidity, and its not all that hot today. Hopefully it stays that way haha. As far as I can tell we are just going to get settled in today. The fun stuff starts tomorrow. We are doing all the registration, check ups, eye checks, hair cuts and some orientation stuff.

Well we are going to do some exploring and what not. Love you all!!!! Please write or email me!!! My parents will give you my email and I´ll respond as I have time!! Until next time!!!!

I'm Ready to Go!

My Sisters are Smiling, but ...

Yeah, I can read the Departures board!

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