Monday, July 7, 2014

June 30, 2014

So this last week has been a little bit slow. A lot of it was because we were prepping for the Baptism. Which is about all I'll talk about. So my email might be short but this is about the only thing that happened.

Ismael Got Baptized!!!!!!  It was super cool! I'm not quite sure what to say more.  Hno. Maybe gave a combined talk about the Holy Ghost and Baptism and it was really good. I played some prelude on the piano. The spirit was super strong! Ismael was baptized and he came up out of the water smiling and it was sooo sweet! He got confirmed and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday and that was awesome too! This kid is a boss! What's also really cool is that we have been talking to his mom and she wants to get baptized too! So we are gonna start working with her to get off on Sundays. Because that is about all that's holding her back! Ismael has also started going to Scouts and he loves it! And he is super excited about becoming a Deacon and receiving the Aaronic Priesthood in December when he turns 12!

As for the pictures. We are at our correlation meeting and just sitting waiting for it to start. 

Then the pictures of Ismael and us and his family before the Baptism.

 Elder Martins bike exploded yesterday. So we had to walk the last 5 hours of the day. That was really hard and painful. But it was good. It makes us appreciate how nice it is to be on bike!

Well that's it! I'm sorry it’s short! But not a ton happened. My Spanish is improving, my teaching is improving, I feel like I'm a better person now.

But I know this church is true and that is it lead by a Prophet who is directed by Jesus Christ. This is His church. I know this Gospel is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that we can receive more happiness by living by it then by any other thing on this earth. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that when used hand in hand with the Bible it helps us learn more about Our Heavenly Father, Our Brother and Savior Jesus Christ, and how we can follow Him and do the things that are necessary to return and live with them! I know that the Lord is directing this work and that we are blessed by our personal obedience and by His time and that through Jesus Christ we can have a happiness that will never cease!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Zachary Gore! :)

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