Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 8

For this week we will share a couple of special letters from Zach. One is a letter to his Mission President. We won't normally see these but Zach shared this one with us, for which we are grateful. We see evidence of his faith and action, and the Lord's loving response to him. The other is a letter he sent to his Branch President at the Mexico City MTC (CCM), who sent Zach an email inquiring about his welfare  (The missionaries are divided into 'branches', or small congregations, while in the CCM). We are grateful for this leader who reached out to a young missionary who is no longer under his watchcare. To us, this is further evidence of the truth and value of the work which Zach is doing.

As a note, we think that "8:30" miracles are related to work which may happen as the missionary curfew - 9pm - approaches and, without a scheduled appointment, the missionaries may be tempted to go home early. The principle and blessing of 'enduring to the end' is manifest in these experiences. We look forward to sharing some of these, too, along the way.


President V.,

These last couple weeks have been really good! I've been working on the Christ-like attribute of Faith and I have been working to increase mine in the Gift of Tongues. I've been having, at least what I feel to be, a lot of improvement. When I first came out into the field Spanish sounded like a huge slurred rush of sounds and words. But now I have found that I can pull it all apart. I don't know what everything means but I can hear where all the words start and end and sentences actually sound like sentences now. So I'm really excited about that.

With the area things are going alright. I guess that could be going great I just have no other area to reference stuff that happens here too. But our investigator Juan is super solid. He wants to be baptized, he wants us to be at his house so he can teach his family, he reads the Book of Mormon and prays at our lessons. He is even in the ward choir now! He is so eager and ready to learn its awesome!!! Its hard because of how much people work but we are doing our best and asking for help in all that we do. And we see those blessings of humbling ourselves and just asking for help with something.

We've have also experienced many "8:30" miracles. Most of them have involved a less active family being home and welcoming us in. We have found quite a few people and have set up appointments. Just another testimony builder and a witness to staying out and working for all the time in the day that we can.

Presidente C., 

I'm doing great!! I'm in Southern California in C----. Its totally awesome!! 97% of the people here are from Mexico so I have lots and lots of practice. The Spanish is getting better. I'm a lot further in my knowledge of the language then I was when I left the CCM but its still slow. Only a couple new words each day and with it a little better comprehension of the language. The work is moving along. The ward I'm in hasn't had very good missionaries in our area for a while so we are just starting to get the ward excited about the work. Its really cool though we have 4 companionships in the ward. 2 sets of sisters and 2 of Elders. On of the Sisters actually was at the CCM with me! Dinners are kind of crazy cause we all go to the same house but the members are very accommodating and we have been able to create a system of how to all be there and eat and include the members. There is a lot of potential here too. The people are very humble so we are very excited and happy to be here.

I'm glad to hear things are going well at the CCM! I really miss it at this point and wish I had studied and worked a bit harder. But I can't do anything about it now haha.

Presidente C.,  do you think you could send me the ordinances and other things we worked on during our Sunday meetings? I have realized they would be very useful!

Thank you for the email and for being an awesome president,
Elder Gore

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