Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 2 in California

Not much has happened this week so this letter might be pretty lame and short and I’m sorry about that.

Unfortunately in our library hopping quest, to find one with more email time, we came to a library with no external SD card slots so I can't send home any pictures.

We've mostly just been visiting members for the last week. I'm learning the area. I still don’t know how everyone knows the difference between North and South. They use the mountains somehow but it confuses me because we are surrounded by mountain :/ but hopefully I’ll figure it out.

There was a baptism on Sunday before church and then the brother was confirmed and now he is going home to Mexico and he is going to help his whole family join the church. He's a really cool guy.

Speaking of which everyone seems cool!!!! I just wish I could understand what they were saying!!! meeeeh. But I’m getting better. Well I think I am. I'm learning more and we are practicing every day.

Our Zone is cool. We went hiking today and we got lost and I walked through a thorn bush in an attempt to find the trail. It took us 20 minutes but we made it. I'll send the pics next week!!!

Ohhh and sad day, we found out we have to move. One of the Elders in my zone is going home early. It’s a medical thing and its only 30 days early but his companion is being transferred out.  The fun part is we are getting 2 new Hermanas. So that’s 4 Elders and 4 Hermanas in our ward. The Hermanas we have now were kind of whining about it, it was funny but it should be good. Everyone likes the sisters more than the Elders anyway!

Oh hey Mom can you ask my friends back home to write me?? The Ledouxs, Egings, Bangerters, Thad, Melanie, Ben, Ian.  Everyone that would like to write me is totally good too. I just need to get some mail and feel loved >.< hahaha :)

Ohhhhhh!!! It was really exciting!!! Our Investigator has come to church the last 2 Sundays!!! We've only had one lesson. The night that we got to this area but he comes and sits with us and his son and it’s really good :) he is a really cool guy and it seems that he really enjoys coming and the classes and everything!!!! :)

Ohhhhhh. The youth. The youth in this ward are awesome!!!!  It’s kind of a riot. Well maybe it’s the same as the youth in any other ward. I don’t know I haven't been around any youth in 6 weeks so I think they are awesome and maybe they only talk to me because I’m a missionary. huh. Hadn’t thought about that. :/ I hope they would if I wasn't! 

Ok I got nothing else today.

I hope everyone has a good week!!!

Love yous alls in the Americas and in the other places!!!

The Church is True!!!


Elder Zachary Gore

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