Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Moving day

I'm sorry but I don't really have an email for today.

We had to move today to the old apartments we were living at because the Hermanas felt unsafe so I have no time because we still have to go shopping before dinner.

Also can you send my mail through the mission office from now on? and ask everyone to send it there too? We could move again and I'd rather have the mail at the right place.

The mission knows about the problem with the post office so every week they send someone down to bring us all our mail. So please, please do that! Thank you :)

I got all the packages today and I'm super super excited to open them and Elder Cebreros is too!!! :)

For Christmas when I get back we are going to make Tamalis!!
Making Tamalis

We sing at everything! I had a solo on Sunday during the Christmas program and everyone after said I had the voice of an angel >.< Nooooooo I don't!

California Snow!  (bubbles)
  I can't wait to skype with you on Wednesday!
Elder Gore
(More photos will be added under the photos section)

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