Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 7

Hey Everybody!!!! How’s it going?? My Week has been pretty good :) Better than last week I think.

Monday. Was just another P-Day and I have nothing really written down. Basically: Get up, Go shopping, Play Sports, Do laundry. Email, Go to Dinner, Become a missionary again!

We were going around to talk to some members and set up appointments but nobody was home so we decided to walk around. We met this guy named G______ who was working on his car. We found out he knows the bishop’s family and that he has been to church before. We got his number and we are going to call and set up an appointment.
In other news we lost Elder H. He got transferred out. But we now have Elder B he's really cool and funny. He's been out a year and we get along great. It’s kind of weird cause like our families are the same. Our dads served missions the same years, and graduated the same year, we both have 3 younger sisters and no brothers and our sisters are the same age. He's 20 but it was like whoooooa when we realized this. It was pretty cool.
Elder B.
So Wednesday we were kind of bad missionaries.. Well not bad. We just spent a lot of time doing something that wasn't necessary. Elder C decided we needed to make fliers for the Fiesta on Saturday. So we went to the church, broke into the Family History Center and made fliers, then we went to the library and made like 200 copies and all in all it took us about 4 hours of the day. Then we passed them out to the other missionaries and ummm yeah that was the day.

Halloween. So not much happened this day. We decided we were going to go to Hermano  M_____'s, he is a less active in our ward who hasn't been to church in a long time, we go to his home every day and read with him one chapter in the Book of Mormon. Because if a person isn't reading the scriptures they aren't going to feel like they need to go to church and he really needs to go. We have been working with him for a while now and we keep inviting him and telling him we can set up rides and we call in the morning but he just never comes so we are going to try a different approach and see if the Spirit will push him and influence him to want to go. So we'll see what happens.
The night of Halloween we had to be inside. We weekly planned. Elder C fell asleep for about 10 mins and his leg started twitching it was really weird but then we watched The Testaments before bed as our reward for being quick, but not rushing, through weekly planning. :)

Day didn't go as planned at all. Nobody was home and we were kind of like what are we going to do?  I had the idea to go try at another of our less actives. So we go to the house and Hermano P______.  He comes out and says something in Spanish and for some reason my head didn't translate it and so I was confused but then we got invited in and we had a really good conversation. It was nice because he actually tried to talk to me!!! Which is unusual because basically everyone just talks to Elder C and I’m quiet. I don’t like forcing my way into conversations especially when I’m not 100% sure what is going on. But at some point during the half hour with Hermano P______, Elder C took over and I was quiet most of the rest of the time we were there.
Also a fun thing, we stopped at a sisters home who we hadn't been able to get in contact with and we stopped in and talked for a half hour or so. But like at some point she mentioned how she got free clothes from a bunch of places and she asked if we wanted some new shoes. And we were like cool!!! So Elder C got 2 really nice pairs of dress shoes which was good because his were falling apart and I got a pretty nice pair of Nike tennis shoes.

Saturday was the fiesta. We had a bunch of lessons planned but what ended up happening was we helped Hermana G_____ make the fruit juice for the fiesta. Basically you take a blender, pour in the fruit, this time being pineapple, cantaloupe, and some purple fruit that I don’t know the name of.  You pour sugar in and water and you blend it and then you drink it. We went through like 4 pineapples it was crazy. It’s alright in taste but I don’t really like it. I usually have water at dinner if it’s an option, otherwise I drink some soda or whatever drink they have for me.
But anyway the fiesta was cool! There was a mariachi band and tons and tons of food!!!! Awesome music. Good, good day.

Sunday was fast Sunday. That was rough and painful but dinner at the end of the night was good. We had Pasoli. It’s like soup and you put meat, corn, lettuce, rice, chips, and cilantro, and basically anything else you want, I usually squeeze a lime of 2 into it. It’s not my favorite food but it was really good. It’s fun learning how to eat soup out in the field.

Well that was my week!!! Hope everyone else had a good one too!!!
I love you all!!!
Be Good, Remember who you are, and…

Missionary Work is Awesome!!!!!
Elder Zachary Gore

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