Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 24th, 2014

Zachary’s birthday is on Friday.  I asked him if the 7 years of being teenager went by fast and told him that he is going to blink and be 30!

Hey mom!!!

Yeah it’s super weird that I'm almost 20!!!!! BLEEEEHH!!!
And yeah it’s flown by in some ways. But in others it’s taken forever. 

As for the week it’s been pretty good. On Tuesday I was asked to dedicate a family’s new car. That was a rather interesting experience. I wasn't sure how to do it. I've heard of blessing and dedicating homes, apartments, chapels, and proselyting areas, but I had never heard of blessing a car. I was thinking to myself, can I/should I use the priesthood to bless it? or should I just sort of do it like a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to bless it. I did the latter and basically said a prayer and it was good. But it was kind of weird cause I'd never done that before.

We also had super cool lesson with an investigator named Luis on Tuesday. We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with him and explained that it was the truest book that existed on the earth and he was like "whoa". The spirit was super, super strong and he said we had piqued his interest and that he was excited to learn more! We are excited for our next lesson with him tomorrow!

Also we have a family in the ward that has horses and we went to their house on Friday and helped them wash them. It was super fun!

Saturday we had our missionary ward correlation meeting and after it our ward mission leader took us with him to give a blessing to a friend of his. So we went and we gave it to her and on our way towards the elevator, someone said "Hey Elders!" so we turned and this guy walked over and said he was in the Thermal Ward in Coachella and that his dad was in the hospital and so we asked if he'd like us to visit him and he said for sure because he had been about to try to get a hold of the missionaries to come when he saw us. So we went and it was Hermano H. from the Thermal Ward and we recognized each other and it was cool. We gave him a blessing and left. It’s just another witness that God is mindful of everyone and takes us places so that we can be where He needs us. 

That was about the week. My pictures are of the district right after our last district meeting. Us cleaning the horse, including me spraying Elder R. with the hose. I feel bad about that because the water was really, really cold. And then our ward mission leader got us Elotes. It’s a piece of corn on a stick, or you can get it in a cup and they cover it in mayonnaise and cheese, and chili and stuff. I've had them; they are alright, but not my favorite food. But yep pictures of everyone happily eating. Except for Elder R. who doesn't smile. 

But that’s my week!!! I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!!!!

I love yall!!!

-Elder Zachary Gore!

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