Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hey mom!!!

So this week has been good! Like long and hard and crazy but overall good :)

It’s not really dangerous out here. Not if you’re being obedient.

So the reason I got moved on Monday was because one of the missionaries was going home. He finished his 2 years. So his old companion, Elder M., needed a companion, Elder Gore. So they just moved me on Monday to make it easier for everyone :)

Elder M. is my new companion. He is really funny, and loves to have fun, but when we are doing the work, we are doing the work. We've been having a lot of fun the last week. We live with Elder A. and Elder F. They are a lot of fun and really cool and really good missionaries and I'm excited to be with them.

Monday is a haze right now. I really have no recollection of what happened other then coming in dropping my stuff; then going and working for a couple hours. But as for whom the people were I don't really know.

So on to Tuesday we went and did a bunch of work but I had no more contact solution so I went and bought some but then I had to put my lenses in it so I was blind while riding. But like I brought my glasses so I could see during lessons and stuff. But we went around meeting people setting stuff up and teaching.

Wednesday was crazy!!! We went and did some service and took out a cactus and we edged a lawn and sprayed down a porch and just as we left it started raining. And since we had borrowed the weed whacker we returned it and while we were there we taught the people that let us borrow it about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and when we had finished and like right as we said the closing prayer the rain stopped... Like whoa. So we got on our bikes and went and visited someone who was recently baptized named Ignacio at his shop, he repairs and sells appliances, like refrigerators and stoves and stuff like that, and not even a minute after we got inside it started to pour again!! It was weird. And so it poured the whole lesson and then right after the last prayer it stopped!!!! Like what the heck!!! Haha! It was soooo cooooool!!!!!

Thursday was a good day too. Until about 8. We got bashed by a Christian pastor. As in he was yelling and getting angry and saying stuff about how we are a false church and that he had to protect his flock. And we just testified that we knew that the message we share is true and then we left. He wanted to fight and we weren’t going to do that. Jesus Christ didn't fight and argue. So we aren't going to either. That was really annoying but stuff happens sometimes. I hope that didn't ruin our ability to visit this family.

Friday we helped a family take out a stump. I had the ax in my hand and I brought it up to swing and it got caught on a rope that I hadn't seen and the back side hit me in the side of the head. It really, really hurt >.< We got some blisters and that was fun.

Sorry. We have just been so busy and focused that we haven't really taken any pictures... This week I promise!!!

Saturday was rough because nobody was home. We taught 4 lessons but it was really hard. We were on our bikes for a good couple of hours. It was a long, long day.

Sunday was cool. It’s weird being in a Ward again. And church starting at 1 is really weird, too. But it was a good day. We had a couple investigators at church. And they enjoyed it. So that was good. I'm still trying to get to know the people and area so I’ll have more detail about the people next week!

I know this church is true! I know we are getting help from seen and unseen forces. There are too many miracles and experiences to be able to deny this work. This is The Lord's work and He is at the head directing it!

I hope everyone has a good week! I'm working on the letters! I hope everyone has the chance to help someone this week. Just a simple act of service! Just to show a friend you care! That’s how to start the work. Just be a friend!

I love you all!!

- Elder Zachary Gore

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 18, 2014

Ok. So to start off. I'm getting Transferred!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Yep. Going to San Bernardino!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! I'm not sure who my new companion is but it'll be fun I think. I'm leaving today at 3:40. I'm not sure why. It probably has to do with the big group of missionaries that are all heading home. But yeah. It'll be sweet :)

Ok. So we had a really sweet day this week. On Saturday Elder Baer and I went on exchanges! It was really fun! We taught a lot of lessons and had a couple of miracles. To start we went to go and try to contact someone who ended up not being home but his daughter before we left offered us some water and right after we left the house we stopped and started talking to a kid walking on the road. And it was really, really hot. And so we gave him one of our water bottles. He seemed really grateful! Later that day we tried to go visit Hermano Pelayo, one of our less actives, and he didn't answer the door and just as we were about to leave one of our investigators pulled up in a car next to us with her daughter Lupita and asked if we wanted some water.(We had drank all of our water at this point) and we said yeah and so they gave us a bag and it had 4 ice water bottles in it and bananas, and cuties, and a peach! It was CRAZY!!! It almost seemed like they had come out looking for us! It was super cool! And a great testimony to me that the Lord knows who we are going to see(the kid walking in the sun) and He knows our needs and situations(We were going to die from thirst(Not really but you know haha))

This week has been pretty normal other than that haha. We had some good lessons with our investigators! Johana and Gabriel are still on track for their Baptisms on the 20th of August! Johana said she was gonna miss me because she's not going to have anyone else to "Reganar" haha. I'm gonna miss them a lot :( I'm also going to miss Brayan! That crazy little kid! He said soccer was more important than church but he has been to church every Sunday and at mutual every week. I think he is getting some divine help so he can do what he is supposed to.

Ok so for the fun thing we did today!!! So president has given us permission to go on "excursions". Which are basically trips to go and do all the fun stuff that are within the mission boundaries. So this morning what we did was we went to the Tram up to the top of the San Jacinto Mountains! It was super cool! They put you inside of a tram car and take you 6000 ft up into the air in about 15 minutes! Then you can take pictures from the mountains and go walk on trails and do all that fun stuff! So that's what those pictures are from!

Oh yeah! and so there is also a picture of me riding my bike with 3 boxes on the back. Those are on the way! I had some stuff I needed to send home!

Well that's my email for today! I'm going to miss everyone here in Beaumont!!! Los Rodriguez, Los Lizama, Pueyo, Peralta, Ferral, Silva, and everyone else!!! I hope to see you all again!

Hasta Luego for now!!!

Elder Zachary Gore!

August 11, 2014

Ok so this week has been pretty good. I guess I’ll start off with my pictures!

So the shirts were awesome! We played Volley ball against the English speaking missionaries and they were all jealous!! It was a lot of fun though!

Then we went to Sean’s house for dinner and he showed us his Tortoise, Andre. Man that thing is a monster! And like he is active and moves and digs giant holes.

We went to Tacos & Beer and Elder Martin got a Monster Burrito for 5$. That was a huge burrito! He almost didn't finish it.

Then yesterday while we were out walking and talking. A random husky ran up to us and started following us. We named him Zeck and he came around with us for about a mile and was at our lesson with Johana and then he left. He was a super cool dog!

As for the week. We have been working a lot on finding! And we had a lot of Success. We found Steffany, Rolando, and Vidi Venegas, we found Edgar and Marcelo, and we found a man named George, who is a retired minister. So we have been riding around and working hard to find and teach.

This week has been kind of uneventful other than that. We haven't seen our investigators much. We are just working hard and trying to do what we are supposed to. I'll focus on getting some cool stuff to tell you. Just nothing has really been happening!

Have a great week!!!

-Elder Zachary Gore :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Hey mom. So this week was pretty good!

Johana came to church and she is getting ready for her baptism on the 20 of September. Her and Gabriel will be getting baptized together! So that was really sweet! 

More then that. We had Zone Conference on Friday and our president was really focusing on how to help the members do missionary work. And what we have been taught is about preparing the people. Which starts by the members just going and being friends. Not bringing up the gospel, not inviting them maybe to an activity. Just being a friend. Getting to know the people that are around you so that at some point, when you feel the prompting of the spirit you can share something, or invite them to something and they will accept. We have been taught how to do this and I'll let you know how it goes probably next week when we have had a chance to do it with the members.
B has decided that soccer is more important then church and has joined a soccer league that practices Wednesday Nights (same as mutual) and the games are on Sundays at 10 (Church starts a t 9). So we had a lesson with him and well we have basically lost him. He doesn't get much support from others so he has basically gotten lost. Its really sad :('s about all that's happened that week!
I'm about to get cut off! I hope you hope you all have the great week!

I love you guys!!

Elder Zachary Gore!!

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