Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hey Personas!,

Ok so we'll start with Wednesday.
Elder Juarez got here around 10-ish and we got taken back to our apartment.
We had set up with the sisters to use their car when they got back from the training meeting around 3. So we decided to go walk around the area and talk to people for a little while. We talked to some people and then we came back to the apartment and we decided to wait because the sisters said they'd be back by 3. They never called and so around 3:30 we left the apartment and decided to bike down to do our shopping. We get to walmart and we get a call from the sisters and they are on their way back and so they wouldn't get there until like 4 and they said they were sorry but we just used our bikes and told them not to worry about it. We went to Toriz's house that night and talked about any plans we have for the ward and to introduce my new comp to him. 

We had weekly planning and then we went and visited the Medina family. They live down in Bloomington so it was rough because it was Elder Juarez's first time down there and going over the free-way is rough the first couple of times. But the lessons went good. Then we went over to the house of the Family Rodriguez.. Haha. That sounds super Spanish. But we went over and talked to them about missionary work.

Friday we went and Dedicated the area in the chapel of our church building. We had a good lesson with J. We read in the Book Of Mormon, he is enjoying it. We'll see if any progress is made. We had a really good dinner with the Rochin family. It was Pollo and Arroz, super tasty. We haven't had a dinner with members in a while, so it was super awesome to eat home cooked food again!!

So we didn't have any ideas what to do in the morning on Saturday, so we decided to just go out and walk. We went down into a neighborhood close to our house, that I've walked it before and normally there isn't many people. Everyone was outside today and it was super cool. We'd just go up and start talking to people, and I think everyone but 2 people we talked to said we could come by another day to talk some more! We had dinner with the Medina family. But unfortunately only hna was home so we ate the super delicious sopes outside by ourselves. Ugh. Not fulfilling our purpose >.< Then we came up to Toriz's house for correlation meeting. After that we visited some members and are trying to get them started in the missionary work.

We went to church, it was good. A member brought a friend to church and we were talking to her and found out that she lives in our area and is interested in learning about the church so we are going to start teaching her this week. Also after church we had a little meeting because our bishop put us in charge of a Hoche De Hogar this friday night. We were trying to come up with what we wanted the activity to be. We couldn't think of anything, and then one of the sisters brought up something fun so that the members can be better friends and I don't know from where but I was suddenly reminded of the activity we did in San G, where we played charades but based on scripture stories. So that's what we decided we are going to do. I promise I'll take a bunch of pictures so you can see. Also. After the little meeting we walked out and the Rodgiguez family was still at the church so we walked over to their car and started talking to them and Noelia and Maggy. and long story short they said they want to get baptized!!!! Ahhhhh I'm sooo excited!!!

But yeah that was the week!
I have to get going! I hope you all have a great week!
-Elder Zachary Gore!!

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