Friday, March 7, 2014

Lots of Rain

Ok lets see. Not a whole ton has happened this week.

Well I mean other than the rain. It was bad, really bad. We got drenched. We were all soaking wet for about 10 hours of Thursday, and for a while on Friday it rained and Saturday too. It was pretty awful. I'm not complaining. It’s just this is really all that happened. And because of it nobody was outside and it didn't help that nobody was home to let us in. But it was... fun :/ . Probably going to get sick but you know it’s worth it. We were able to have some good lessons. We also went on exchanges. Elder Renovato went to Banning with Elder Moore and I took Elder Gonzalez with me to Beaumont. It was good. We almost died in some rivers. But we had a good day. A couple people got baptized and they were really sweet! We also helped one of our recent converts fix his bike so we can pick him up before church if nobody goes to get him. We also went over to a returned missionary’s home for dinner and Elder Renovato gave a thought at the end in English!!! and it was awesome!!!!!!!!! He is always saying he doesn't teach in English and that he doesn't know how and well I made him do it and it was the first time he'd done it! So props to Elder Renovato for English!!!!

Now to the not so happy stuff. 2 of us are being Transferred. :'-(
We are losing Elder Moore and we are losing Hermana Southwick :(
But Hermana Derouch is coming in! So that’s really exciting!! :)

But man am I going to miss Elder Moore. It was a total blast having him in the apartment. But now he is going to be a district leader in Palm Desert, in the Branch over there. He is going to do an awesome job!

Hermana Southwick is going to Fontana and is going to be with Hermana Howe which will be great for their Spanish.

Speaking of which. Mine is getting better. It’s slow still. But I think I’m starting to get over the idea of word for word translation and moving into the idea translation. Hopefully it will help.

Well that’s what we got for the week. I hope everyone has a great week and has fun in all the snow while I’m here in the sun. Humph. So much snow. It’s ridiculous!!

Well I love you all!

Elder Zachary Gore

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