Monday, February 3, 2014

Late to the Library

A pretty exciting week as you can see. Zach and his companion got to the library late so he didn't have much time ...  h'mmmm - we'll work on a lesson about priorities!

Mom ... I'm not gonna have time to send an email this week. :/ We have a Temple trip next week so that is going to be out P-Day and I'll 'talk' to you then. 

Everything with me is pretty sweet! Riding 20 miles a day and what-not! The new apartment is super clean and nice and the other elders are so much fun! 

Investigators. Right now we have 1. He isn't new but he is the only one the sisters left that we can work with. So, we are working on finding more people. 

Maybe you could pray about that? Pray to help us find more people to teach??

I have to go, Mom. I'm Sorry! I love you, Bye!!!

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