Monday, April 20, 2015

April 13, 2015


Soooooo this week. Was good. 

Monday we had a sweet family home evening with the Larios Family. They are L. fellowshipers. They are awesome. I also sent the picture home for my moms B-Day!! 

Tuesday. We went over to visit Hno Tapia, and Hna. Toriz was there too so we talked to them about missionary work and we found out that she knows one of Elder Juarez's investigators from San B. I know her too, because of exchanges while I was there in San B. But yeah Hna. Toriz is going to invite her to church!!! Yay!!

Wednesday. We had another awesome lesson with L.!! We watched the Restoration Video. It was super good. She said it made everything very clear. After that lesson we had our first dinner with Hna. Cativo, and we had subs at Subway they were super good after that we tried to visit a couple other people but they weren’t home and so then the time came for our second dinner with the Familia Monarrez.

Thursday. We had a really good lesson with the M. Family. In the M. family the Hna. and all the kids are members, less active though, but the husband is not a member. So we had a super good lesson about the Book of Mormon and how it helps and why it’s important and they asked where in the Bible it talked about the Book of Mormon, they were doubting that it could be true and not be in the Bible, which thank goodness I had marked the verses in Ezekiel where it talks about the Stick of Judah and the Stick of Ephraim, and how they will be put together into one Stick, and I explained that scripture to them and they were just like, whooooa. Well there it is. So that was super cool. They needed that, I think, to be willing to start reading as a family. 

Friday. We went to the church early and helped set up for the Relief Society Anniversary dinner thing, and then we rode around and made a bunch of calls and talked to people and all or appointments fell through and that kind of stunk. On the bright side we had some bomb Teriyaki Chicken for dinner. It was soooo good!!

Saturday. So Saturday, we had another lesson with L., and we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and about how we have to have faith and repent and then get baptized. And so we talked about baptism and about how it can clean us and we can start over, and receive the Holy Ghost after. And we asked if she would like that and she said yes, and so then we invited her to be baptized the 9th of May and she accepted the Baptismal Date!! Super awesome!!! She is doing great!!!
-After that we had our meeting with Hno. Toriz and it went good.

Sunday was good. But I realized during Gospel Principles that I needed to kick the Spanish practice back up into gear. I was asked to read a verse and I don’t know why I was struggling so much to read it and then I realized I just wasn't used to reading scripture out loud. We try and have the investigators or members read because it’s more powerful that way, but I decided to read the Book of Mormon out loud more during language study.

And that was the week. But other than that I also got my Trunky Call!!! >.< When they call you about your flight plans to go home. It was sooo sad :(

I hope everyone has a great one and has lots of fun! 
I know this Church is True!!!

-Elder Zachary Gore

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