Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 20, 2015


So this week was pretty goooooood.

On Monday. We had a lesson with the J. Family and the P. Family and with the P.'s we talked about yoking ourselves to Christ and we talked about how we needed to read the scriptures, pray, and go to church to show our faith and be able to receive that help that we need. It went super good and we committed them to church this Sunday. We'll see how it all goes!

Tuesday. We had a little lesson with D. He is doing alright. We are still trying to help him get to church but he stopped smoking so that’s super good. Hopefully we can help him to church this week! Then we had dinner with the Rivera family at 3:30! Soooo Early!!! But it was good! We had some soup and then fish with lettuce and rice. It was super simple but super good. After that we had a lesson with L! She is on Fire!!!!! We taught the Plan of Salvation! It went super well. Moses was with us. We have more or less gotten into a pretty good teaching pattern. So the lesson went super well. And that was about it for that day.

Wednesday. So we had exchanges and Elder Workman came with me. We had a good day. It was slow. We had a little lesson with C.

Thursday. We did some service!!! Yay!!!! We unloaded some trucks of food into a small food pantry and then we put together boxes and bags to be given out to the people. It was a lot of fun! After doing weekly planning we had a lesson with the A. Family. It was super sweet! We taught the Restoration and they really captured the points very well! It’s super awesome because they are also now on date for baptism. The 16th of May!!!

Friday. Dinner was super fun that day. We went to the C’s. They are one of the best families in the ward. Hno. is the 1st Counselor in the Young Mens Presidency and Hna. Is the Presidenta of the Young Women. So they are super involved and willing to help us out with about anything. That night we had another lesson with the P. kids and we did a role play of asking their dad to take them to church. They did it super well, we'll see what happens on Sunday haha.

Saturday. Was good. We went to the Library because we had a ummm what’s the word... like when they tell you what you’re going to do and stuff...hmmm. well we signed up to volunteer at the library and so we had that meeting and I basically already knew what was going on because of the service I'd done at home in the library so it should be pretty good. I'm excited. We went to the M. families home and we had a lesson with everyone and the oldest son, his wife, and kids, all said they'd be coming to church the next day!!! It was awesome!!

Sunday! So we get a ride to the church we get there at about 10:20. At 10:30 the M family shows up!!! We were awestruck! They were 30 minutes early to church!!! It was super cool. Then we saw the A. family come in and then Maggy too! We had 6 people at church! I was sooo excited I almost couldn't contain myself! All these people were coming and they loved it!!! Just a super good day!!!

But that was the week!

Oh and so I saw this when I first got to the area but my name is written in spray paint on the sidewalk just outside of our complex. Like I have no idea why it’s there. But it is so I decided I'd finally take a picture of it haha.

I hope everyone has a good week and lots of fun! Make good choices and Read and Pray every single day!!! Talk to you all next week!

-Elder Zachary Gore

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