Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 5

This week was crazy!!!!

Monday... Well I’m not sure what we did the page is blank. But I have Tuesday so I will start there :)

Tuesday.  Good day.  We had a district meeting and talked about Pride. Our companionship has been a bit less tense since we had that lesson. We had a lesson with a less active brother and the lady that is staying at his home and her 2 daughters. We had a lot of fun and I contributed so it was good :) we have a new investigator!!!!! We went to the church because we didn't have time to do anything else before volleyball. We invited our other investigator the R. Family to play with the adults that night. We played volleyball but our investigators didn't come :/ that was kind of depressing. We are going to try again tomorrow :)

Wednesday.  I was on an exchange that day. I was with Elder M. He is the one in the picture I just uploaded of us sitting in the truck. We drove out to Thermal which is like... I’m not sure how to describe it. We got out there and he said welcome to Thermal and I looked around and I was like what..? and he goes exactly. Cause Thermal isn't like a town or city. It’s a hodge podge of about 20 small trailer parks scattered across the desert. It took 45 mins to get down there.
We visited a lady for about 10 minutes and it was awesome cause she spoke very slowly and clearly and so I was able to follow the conversation. It was so cool cause except for when she asked a question with a word I didn't know I was able to answer it on my own!!!! The rest of the day was cool too. We gave 2 blessings. One to a Hermana who was feeling alot of stress and one to a sister in the ward who was about to be induced. It was a really cool experience. Oh then we had double dinner. That was awful... I already feel bad enough when I can't finish one families food but when I can't finish 2 I just feel like a loser >.<. Cause its good food!!! I mean nothing that I’ve had here has not been totally amazing!!! Well except for the candy. I'm not into Mexican Candy, it’s all covered in chili.  I also had a really good conversation with a young man named Carlos who is working to straighten things out so he can go on a mission. He's had some issues in the past so I was able to help him come up with ways to avoid falling in those traps again. Then we knocked on a door and it was answered by a lady that was only half dressed so that was a lot of fun. Not!!! >.<  But other than that it was a good day :) Elder M. said that his only advice was to talk louder. He said the Spanish I know is good I’m just quiet. So if I talk louder people will understand me and the Spirit will be there and it will be good. So that’s what I have been working on.

Just so you know the rest of the week wasn't as eventful or exciting. But here we go.

Nothing happened Wednesday I guess..hmmm…why are my Wednesdays always blank???

Thursday!! I talked to my first crazy person that was fun. I don’t really want to talk about it though. It was weird and yeah.. But we had dinner with the R. family, our investigators and it was really good. Mexican Food Rocks!!! We also had a good lesson with C. about the importance of the sacrament and why we take it. I headed the whole lesson because it was in English and I knew I could do it. He knows Spanish but he doesn't really know the Church "lingo". But I was open and active and I was having fun with him it was a good back and forth teaching conversation. Now I have to learn to do that in Spanish.. :/ Wish me luck!!!!

Friday.  We, and when I say we I mean Elder Cebreros, cause we both worked on this but it was his baby, but we had a movie night. We watched The Testaments, in Spanish, of course. We had to drop all of our appointments that day because we didn't have everything ready that we needed to set up. I was kind of annoyed about that cause I had really prepared that morning for our lessons. But oh well. The activity went over well. We didn't have dinner. "Not enough time". But like 40 people showed up and a lot of them were less actives and there were a good amount of investigators :)

Saturday. Umm not much happened. Elder Cebreros decided that we are doing our districts exchanges this week on Wednesday and Friday, so expect some fun pictures and stuff about that, but he also decided I would be staying in our area both times. Which wouldn't be too bad except the only other companionship in our district is an English speaking companionship. I'm basically going solo those 2 days, something about "throwing me in the fire more". Well we are going to rock it!!! I hope :/

Sunday. Church was good. I was the only guy in the Choir cause Elder M. and Elder Cebreros chickened out and said they had to sit with investigators. We didn't have any come!!!! So it was me and like the other 4 Hermanas and 5 other sisters in the ward. It was a fun sacrament meeting.


Th      That’s about it for the week!!!

Well until next week!!!

Love you lots!!!

Elder Zachary Gore!!!

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