Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hey so to start off with Transfer News. Everyone is staying the same in the Rialto 4th Ward!!! Only weird thing is that we are getting a new English District leader, it should be interesting. 

Monday. So Monday everything we had planned fell apart at the last minute so we decided to go see the P. Family. We had a really good lesson with the boys. We went over the plan of salvation and they took it all in really well and are starting to understand that what they do here on earth really effects where you go after you die. We invited them all to church and their mom said that she would take them this Sunday!

Tuesday I went to the doctors at 8:30 in the morning. I had my last meeting with my doctor and then we went down to the pharmacy to get my meds. While we were waiting a lady walked up to us with water and muffins in her hands and handed them to us and introduced herself. She was a member from the Prospect Park ward in Redlands. It was super nice. We hadn't really eaten breakfast that morning because we had to leave around 7:30 that morning. Then we went back to Rialto and had District Meeting. After that we had a lesson with Daniel in his office. His office is what we call his car, which is normally where we have lessons. We had a good talk about faith. He really is starting to get that we have to act in order to receive help. That Faith is more than just believing, you have to do the things God has asked us otherwise you really don't have faith. We had tacos with the J. family for dinner they were really good. I love tacos!!! I literally have no idea what I'm going to do without tacos!! >.< Then we visited hermano R. We shared with him about reading the Book of Mormon and about how we can receive answers to our problems and challenges as we seek for revelation. 

Wednesday. Wednesday we got up and ran again. We have been doing a flip flop in the mornings between running and lifting weights. We had a little lesson with Hermana. M. about reading the Book of Mormon. She said she'd start reading again. So we are hoping that maybe it'll be a good starting place to get her back to church.

Thursday. We had set up a lesson with L. at the church but when everyone showed up L. was a little drowsy from her medications so we didn't teach anything but we gave her a blessing because she has been having some health issues and she is really worried about her family. Then we went back to the apartment and did weekly planning. We had dinner with the M. family and it was a miracle! They actually all sat down and ate with us!!!

Friday. Friday was sweet! We found N.!!! She's back!!! We were just going to stop by the S. families house to invite them the FHE that night and when we knock on the door N. answered!!! It was crazy!!! So they came to the FHE and the Relief Society was in charge of the lesson and we were in charge of the games. So we started with a game where you flip the cups it was fun but not like super good, then we tried a game where you had to pull a card out from in-between 2 staked cups so that they would fall onto each other, that didn't go so well either so then we decided to do my game which was a race, where each team had a towel and they had to pull the members of the team across the gym and back. It started off as a race but very soon turned into a free-for-all of everyone getting pulled across the gym, including the bishop, I'll see if I can get a hold of the videos and pictures from the other missionaries!

Saturday. There was a baptism that night for 3 of the sister’s investigators and for one of the investigators of the other elders. It was crazy and started late but there were about 80 people there and all-in-all it went well. The sisters had never been in charge of putting together a baptism but they did a pretty good job for not having that much help. 

Sunday was good too. A little crazy in the morning but good. Elder Juarez got invited to a Baptism that was going to happen in San B at 12:15 so he got picked up and I got dropped off with the other elders and Juarez went to church in San B and so I was with the other elders all morning. It was fun. We got to church and we were scrambling around trying to get everything set up for the confirmations and how to get our investigators to church. I'm just glad that it all worked out. We had all the P. family boys come and all the S. family kids! It was super awesome! I saw the P. kids walk in about 5 minutes after church started and I almost jumped out of my seat from excitement! 

I'm super glad I get to stay another transfer here. This area is awesome! I love the people and I'm so excited and happy to be a missionary and get to help people find more happiness through the Atonement of Christ. This church is true. Jesus Christ is at its head and we are helped and guided in all that we do as we do His Work. 

I hope everyone has a good week! I'll talk to yall later!!!

-Elder Zachary Gore

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