Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hey so I don't have a super ton to say about this week! But I have some fun stuff.
On Friday we had an FHE1 with the branch and it was really, really cool!! We took a plane to the Celestial Kingdom2. We moved from room to room in the church building and in each room we taught a different part of the Plan of Salvation3. The Hermanas (Santiago and Deroche) both said they were really impressed and excited when they heard me teaching in Spanish. I taught basically the Gospel of Christ. Which is that we have to have Faith, Repent of our Sins, Be Baptized, Receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Endure to the End. It wasn't that good. I get really nervous in front of big groups. >.< But all in all it went good. My favorite part was when we crashed the plane and I was in charge of the lighting and sound effects in the gym for the crash and it was super intense. It was awesome!!! I wish I could explain it but you had to be there.
Yesterday - Sunday. Elder R and I went to Primary4 so that we could help three of the sister’s investigators kids go to primary. They won’t go unless we are with them because the twins who are 7 and the youngest boy who is 5 don’t really speak any English so they go and we sit next to them and translate. Which is really, really hard. But it’s fun.  Because they help me translate for them. I sit with the twins and Elder R is with the 5 year old. But no joke these are some of the most well behaved kids I have ever seen in my life!! They just sit and listen because they understand a little and if they have a question they lean over and quietly whisper it to me. Why can’t all kids be that good!!!!! After the sharing time I taught the 7 year old class. It was really fun actually. The kids had fun and the sisters came with us because we couldn't be alone with them. And they said I did a really good job teaching. So I’m happy about that.
That's all the time I have though. My companions have all just been kicked off the computers so I'm going to get off so we can go and they don’t have to wait on me. I'll write everyone something today though :)
I hope everyone has a good week and that you all have opportunities to share the gospel with your friends, family and neighbors. And it’s as simple as inviting them over for a dinner with your family or just being a good example.
I love this gospel and know this church is true!!
Elder Zachary Gore
1-      FHE =Family Home Evening                                                                             
2-      Celestial Kingdom - Where God lives, and where He wants us to return
3-      Plan of Salvation - our Heavenly Father's plan for His children
4-      Primary - Sunday school for children ages 3-11 

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