Saturday, July 11, 2015

June 29, 2015

Ok so this week was pretty good. Some very interesting things happened. 

So on Monday as we were leaving the library we saw L.!!! It was crazy! We walked over to talk to her and it was like she really didn't recognize us and then she did but she was acting like she didn't want to talk to us and that was sad. We know where she lives though so we'll probably stop by. We also had a good dinner and lesson with the C. Family and we talked about temples. We made some goals with them to be able to go back and hopefully we can help them do that.

Tuesday we had a good dinner with the S. family. and we had a good conversation with them and talked about what we do as missionaries and set some expectations about the visits. They told us they want to learn but that they needed us to show them in the Bible where everything is about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. So we are going to work with them on that. Our English class was pretty good  we had a very good turnout. They are enjoying it and are trying to use what they are learning.

Wednesday I went on exchanges and I went to the English area. It's been over a year since I did that. I almost flipped a switch though. My goodness I might have died in an English ward – English is hard now! But I controlled it and we got through everything. 

Thursday we had a good lesson with J. V., the Taquero (Taco Vender) that lives in the Toriz's neighborhood. We did some how to begin teaching and he took everything well. We are going to try and set up a lesson with him for this week and get his whole family together. After that we had a great lesson with M. and we actually starting to teach her husband too. His name is F. They are both very interested and we were also able to put them on date for Baptism!! They are going to go to R3 though because that is where their son is going and they are going to support him as he prepares to serve a mission.

Friday we went to the temple! it was awesome!!! We took some pictures quickly and left cause we needed to get back to our areas. We had a good dinner at the M. family home and the mom  gave us like 5 people to go visit. Well names of people to go see, we are still waiting on their addresses. 

Saturday we finished weekly planning and then we had our correlation meeting with Hermano. T. and we coordinated some things about baptismal services. It is interesting to learn about how Priesthood keys operate in the Church. Bishops and Stake Presidents have them, and our Mission President has them, so it is interesting to see how those can work together to move the work forward.

Sunday. Nobody came to church!!!! It was super sad.  We had dinner with the Villagranas and that was really good. We talked to them about missionary work and they are going to try and be more proactive in talking to their neighbors about the gospel. 

That was the week! I hope everyone has a good week. I know this church is true. I know Jesus Christ Lives and that he guides us in this work. I know God loves us and wants nothing more than our happiness. I know that if we rely on them we will be able to get through any trial, or problem we might face in life. 
I love you all!
-Elder Zachary Gore

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