Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hey Mom!!!

So for Monday.
We had a Noche de Hogar (family night) at the Rodriguez's house. It was a lot of fun, but crazy at the same time! Las familias Rodriguez, Cardona, Rosas, Uribe, Toriz, and 6 missionaries all at their house!! So many people!!!!
We shared a little lesson about Faith, and then played a little Ninja with the kids, and after we had some carne asada (grilled beef). It was super super good!

Literally after district meeting nothing happened all day. Until we were walking home and some guy stopped us in the middle of the street. Like literally halfway through the intersection. It was crazy!! I thought we were gonna get hit by a car and die!!! But we didn't. haha. His name was R. Taylor, and we found out he is an investigator of the English elders. He is a funny old guy..

We had dinner with the Felix family. The other elders came so we met Elder Workmen, the new missionary. He is from Salt Lake City, and has about 4 months in the mission I think. We had a cool talk to Hna Feliz about the Restauracion (restoration). She told us she wanted to learn how to talk to people about the gospel simply so she didn't overwhelm her friends. We were just like perfect! That's what we had planned to do. So it was cool. We taught her the Restauracion in 5 minutes and she thought it was the coolest thing ever and so we have set up for this week to go back and have her teach us. If your missionaries aren't doing that with you do it as a family. Be able to teach the points of the Restoration in 5 minutes. It helps get down to the simple true doctrine! 

We went and saw Carlos (Dad), Noelia (15, Daughter), Magdalena (9, Daughter), and Charlie (3-4,Son). They are referrals from the sisters. I mentioned them last week I think. But they are super awesome. They were busy that night so we set up a return appointment for Saturday. That family is so awesome though!!! Super prepared!

We dedicated the area and apartment. Everything feels different after we dedicated it. It’s pretty cool. I got your envelope thing mom!!! Thank you!! I'm excited to read about all these other missionaries!!! We talked to a former/potential that we have been trying to set up with forever!! And she told us they are going to a different church now because it has a day care! We were just like nooooooooo!!!! Ugh. But they have their choice. We did some service at the Rodriguez's house, cleaning up the yard and then thy fed us dinner.

We stopped by a less actives house and she told us she had company over so we'd have to come by another time. But she felt bad so she gave us some chocolate milk. Elder Twitchell like almost exploded with happiness haha. It was crazy! That night we took bishop to see Carlos and his family and it went pretty well. We talked about the restauracion and read from the Book of Mormon. IT was a good lesson. Bishop had some cool pictures of Christ that he gave to everyone. So that was sweet!

Noelia, Maggy(Magdalene) and Charlie all came to church and they loved it!!! We are so excited for them! They are so way good! They made some friends and are starting to get comfortable!!! We had dinner with the Familia Monarrez. We had squash and cheese and rice. It was good. I had to force it down at the beginning but as I went it got easier. Thank goodness for tortillas and salsa!!! They taught us the Restauracion and did a super good job. 

That's the week!

Also. Shout Out to the West Family!!!! President Van Cott told me you visited and asked about me! So thanks for reading my blog!!! 

But that was my week. Dad!!! Have you asked for a blessing?? If not ask for one!!!! and to Jena!! Do what you have to do when you have to do it. It’s something I've learned a lot out here. If I don't do something right when I think of it I forget! and it never happens. So do your homework and just stay calm! It'll all be ok!!

I'm getting kicked off!! I'll talk to you next week! I love yall!!! 
-Elder Zachary Gore

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