Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hey Mom! Sooooo

Yes it is raining, at least I think it is. It was on the verge of doing so when we got to the library.  We didn't see any of the dark clouds until about an hour ago.

So from Wednesday of last week.
I went to the dentist again. Doc Bough looked at my mouth and said everything looked good. The pain has basically gone away except in the lower right side of my mouth it sometimes feel like my teeth are getting ripped out when I eat, but that's starting to go away too. So it's all good. The day was pretty slow after that. We tried to visit a bunch of people but nobody was home. So that day ended rather roughly. :/

We rode down to Bloomington and did some service at a food pantry. We helped unload some trucks. It was fun. Two of the elders from the English ward were there too. (We set up with the food pantry people to do service this week. We are going to clean around the place, weed, pick up trash, and so forth. Should be pretty good.) Afterward the 4 of us went to Panda Express for lunch and then we went home for Weekly Planning. We had an interesting experience where we went to see the Sarabia's and Noelia opened the door and told us to come back later and then we got a text from her saying to not come by for a few days. We were pretty concerned,but they said they'd be at church so we just waited it out.

Was kind of interesting. We went down to visit one of our referrals his name is Roberto and we found him and we are talking to him about what we do as missionaries and what-not. While there this other guy walks up and looks at us and tells us this story about how he just found out he might have a 20 year old kid that he's never met and so he is looking at all the 20-ish year old people to see if he can see himself in them.  And then he asked if I knew my dad and so all and all it was a very interesting conversation. But then we went down to Bloomington and while we were down there a lady pulled over and asked if we wanted water. Just out of the blue! It was Awesome!! We had dinner with the Medina family that night. It was soooooooo good!!!! Pollo, Frijoles, Papas, with some Tortillas hechas en casa(home-made) Sooooo good!!!

Everything fell through that morning so we just walked and tried to talk to people but nobody was out. So after walking basically all the daylong at 4 we went to our correlation. Elder Twitchell got picked up and went to a baptism so I stayed with the other elders for about 3 hours that night. It was fun we taught some lessons and just enjoyed the coolness of being in a trio!

Sunday was good. We decided to go early and we did our studies outside the church. The Sarabia family hadn't shown up and we called them before church but they hadn't answered. But during the opening hymn of sacrament meeting they called us and said they needed a ride. We had no idea who to ask and then be both had the thought of Hno. Espindola, so we asked him and he went and they came and it was awesome!!! It rained all day after church, no thunder storms, I miss those so much, just rain. We got soaked that night it was really rough. haha. But fun at the same time. and yeah that's been the week.

Katie! Keep being helpful!!
Yay!!! Dad isn't dying!!!
Emily!! Mission!!
Mom! Good luck with school!

I hope everyone has a good week! I love yall mucho! Best family anyone could ask for!!! 
Hasta Luego!

-Elder Zachary Gore

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 17, 2015

Hey mom! So this week was pretty good!

So on Monday we had a lesson with the Sarabia Family. We went over the Restoration and it went good. We also played soccer and it was super fun.

We got up and borrowed the sisters car and went to San B. (He had all 4 wisdom teeth removed) I went in, paid, and then they led me to a little room. I sat in the chair they did some adjustments to it so it fit me. Then they put a brace on my arm and stuck an I.V. in and I feel asleep. Like it was really fast from me getting there to getting put under. It was crazy!!! I woke up and I wasn't really groggy or anything. I had to be helped to the car but after that I could walk around on my own and stuff. They told me when I left that we should go get a burger or something solid in me. So we went to In-N-Out and I got a burger. It was super hard to eat because my lower lip was numb still but I was able to do it. 
The rest of the day was pretty chill. I just sort of slept and at some point during the day we did a little split.  Elder Twitchell and Elder Workmen went out to take some brownies to the Sarabia family and Elder Baer hung out with me. We ate some ice-cream and talked a bit. And that was about it for that day.

We had weekly planning and that's about it. After that we went out and tried to visit people but nobody was home, and nobody was outside. One nice thing was that an English member stopped us and told us where they lived if we needed water or food or anything so that was really nice. 

This picture was taken at Zone Conference 2 days after his extraction.

So Zone Conference was cool. We talked a lot about leaving commitments. And that we need to Find out their desires, then promise them the blessings that they need, state our authority as representatives and servants of Jesus Christ, and then do Follow-Up to help them do the work. Among other things but I don't have time to write them all.

We super good. Noelia, Magdelena, and Charlie came to church!! They loved it! and Noelia is signing up for youth conference!!! That night all of our appointments after 7 fell through and so we decided to walk and we were heading for a potentials house and we walked past a less active members home who had just gotten knee surgery.  He walked out of his house just as we walked past and we were able to help him move his garbage cans to the street. Then that night when we got to our potentials house they let us in and we taught about Jesus Christ and they loved it and we have an appointment set up for this Saturday!

That's the week! I know this church is true! I know we will be the most happy if we follow the commandments of God and keep our covenants. I hope everyone has a great week!

Dad! Stop being Sick!
Jena! Stop Procrastinating!!
Katie! Do Something Interesting!
Kitchen looks sweet!!!

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