Monday, September 23, 2013

Quick Note Home on The First in the Mission Field

Written Tuesday, September 17th

Zachary wrote a hand written letter to us that the mission office scanned and emailed on Wednesday the 18th. 

Hey peoples of my family and those who are not. I made it to California! 

Mom, I was going to call but when we got to Dallas we got lost and confused so I’m really sorry.

I have the address to send me mail.  It’s the mission office.

Elder Zachary Gore
California Redlands Mission
7000 Central Avenue
Highland, CA 92346

Please mail the letters or packages with the United States Postal Service, First Class, so that it can be forwarded to me. Please share my address with everyone.

I didn’t get to talk to anyone, on the first flight I was alone in my row and on the second flight everyone was kind of angry with us for being late to the plane even though the airlines changed our gate and we didn’t know.  The guy next to me was on his laptop most of the time.  So I studied. 

I ate a sub from Subway for dinner and I really like Sun Chips. 
It’s been a good day even though it hurt.  I promise to have more and better stuff on Monday!

Write me lots and don’t miss me too much.

Elder Gore

p.s. I forgot my towel at the CCM.  Oh! I’m so excited to have water that is cold and clean out of the water fountain! 

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