Best Meal of the Week!

District at the Temple

District E in Cartoon

Elderes de Wet!

CCM Entrance

Elder Gore and his companion, Elder M

Dasa Dulce Casa!

Drawings by Hermanas Culotta & Harris

Doing laundry
Elder Moore playing ping pong while doing laundry

Elder Tilby

Lots of washers and dryers

Elder Moore

Elder Gore's laundry clean and folded

La Casa
Living room

Kitchen with nothing in it but a jug of water!

Classroom photos

Elder Moore, Hermanas Culotta & Harris

Hermana Curtis
Elder Grisham & Hermana Curtis

Hermana Hanson
Hermana Harris

Hermana Culotta

Elder Grisham
Elder Larkin

Elder Lots

Elder Moore

Elder Tilby

Elder Eicher
Elder Larkin

Elder Lots

A tired Elder Grisham

Elders Gore, Moore, Tilby & Watchman

Elders Lots & Grisham

Elder Tilby

  Computer Time

Elder Moore

Elder Larkin
Hermanas Curtis & Hanson

Elder Gore

Hermana Hanson

Hermanas Culotta & Harris

Hermana Curtis

Elders Larkin & Eicher

Elders Gore & Moore

Hermanas Harris, Culotta, Curtis & Hanson

Elders Watchman, Moore, Lots, Gore, Eicher, Tilby, Grisham & Larkin
Elder Lots

Elder Gore

Elder Moore

Down Time

 More photos....

Elder Moore & Hermano Vargas

Elder Eicher & Elder Larkin

Hermano Vargas & Elder Gore

A wet Elder Gore!

A sunburned Elder Gore!

Elder Moore



Elder Gore & Elder Eicher

This or......



Elder Tilby & Elder Moore

Elder Lots
Elder Tilby & Elder Watchman
Elder Tilby & Elder Moore

Hermana Harris
Hermana Culotta

Hermana Culotta & Hermana Curtis

A happy Elder Lots
Elder Gore & Elder Lots

Sites of Mexico City

Big Moth...

Last Day at the CCM

Our Teachers

Elder Gore & Hermana Callejas

Elder Gore & Hermano Vargus

Suit cases packed and ready to go!

Loading the bus

1st Area - Coachelle - Palm Desert Zone 


I don't think they have any other furniture?!

Elder Cebreros

Not sure we want to know what he is laying on?!

Study Time

Look how short his hair is!!!!

Elder Cebreros

Elder Gore's desk - see all the Spanish flashcards!

I sent him a bunch of inspirational quotes in envelopes 1 per day

Elder Cebreros desk

Studying at the park

Elder Cebreros gallon of milk!


Tracker Grave Yard

Coachella Valley Preserve

New Apartment

Elder Gore & Elder Cebreros moved in with another set of missionaries a week or so ago.

Add caption

Looks like Zach has the bottom bunk.

Elder Gore's "new" desk!

A few new pictures....

 Thermal, CA

Pictures from training with Elder Walker

Elder Moore & Elder Gore (MTC companions)

Elder Moore, Elder Gore, Hermana Howe & Hermana Deroche

Mexico MTC mini reunion!

More Halloween party pictures! 

A few more birthday pictures

Multilayer cake

Gift from the sister missionaries

P - Day

 Cookies & notes for ward members and investigators.

 Ward Christmas Party
 Getting ready to make "snow"

Transfer Day!

Saying goodbye to old companions/friends...
And meeting new companion....

Move in to them apartment - Banning, CA

More from Banning....

Elder Gore LOVES peanut butter!  But 4 pounds - Really?! Where did he get that? 

Let's all look at the same camera....

Let's try that again.....

and again...ok never mind....

Elder Gore & Elder Renovato
The cake the Hermana's made Elder Renovao before he transferred.

Elders & Hermanas from the San Gorgonio Branch

Helping someone move.

A short door that made Elder Gore feel tall!!!

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