Monday, July 28, 2014

July 21st, 2014

Nothing really happened again this week. We just did our work. Not a lot of people were outside and nothing crazy amazing happened.

Johana, Ismael's mom is planning to be baptized on the 9th of Aug. So that's pretty exciting! We are excited for her and her progress and desires to come closer to Christ.

Lesson Learned

July 14th, 2014

So to start off with a fun, annoying experience from which I've learned to call and not rely on texting. So I had to go to the doctors this last week to get a refill of my medication. Last week was also transfers so everything was going to be crazy and to try and save problems I put my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday so that I could go while all the fun transfer stuff was going on. So we are sending messages back and forth, on Tuesday night and trying to figure out the plan and from everything we get it seems like we should catch a ride up with another elder and go in the morning. So on Wednesday morning we pack up and head to the mission office and we get there and the AP's are like 'why are you here?' and we explain why and then we find out that they had sent a text saying that we should do an exchange with some English missionaries so that we aren't wasting time at the office. But we never got that message so the AP's were kind of upset with us cause now they had to find a ride for us to my appointment and then back to our area. So we sat around the mission office for about 4 hours waiting and it was annoying and I felt bad and well all in all next time I go to the doctors I'm calling the AP's to figure out what they want me to do.

Other than that it’s been a slow week again. We didn't really have any breakthroughs with anyone, or actually we didn't have very many lessons either. Nobody is home and it’s hot and nobody is outside so it’s not even like we really have people to talk too. But we are working hard.

We have been doing lots of service lately. Mostly just going to the intersecting of Highland Springs and Wilson and picking up trash. There isn't a whole lot to do. I'm not sure if you've heard about but we are now to be doing at least 10 hours of service every single week! And there are supposed to be projects up on the website but we don't have anything yet. So until then its trash!!!!! We are also doing a lot of cabinet, and furniture staining so we are working and doing what we can.

I know this isn't really that important..but um GERMANY WON THE WORLD CUP!!!!!! Woot Woot! That's about all for that.

That's about the week! If anyone has SPECIFIC questions that would help me be able to tell more stories and interesting things. Cause right now I'm tired and it’s hard to remember everything that happened!

I hope everyone has a good week! Talk to you soon!

-Elder Zachary Gore

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