Sunday, April 13, 2014

8 months out!

April 7, 2014

Ok so this week has been kind of well, slow. Mostly because my companion was sick for 3 days so we were stuck inside. But I mean it was alright. But I don't have tons to talk about today.

I'll start with Happy 43 Years Old Mom!!!!

So with the pictures. First we have Nelson. He is the son of the family that is always sending you pictures (moms cell phone). The Rodriguez family (you can put their name they don't mind) But he asked for a missionary hair cut. So I buzzed his head last Monday. It was quite a lot of fun haha.

I wrote a long letter to president today so I used a lot of time and it’s not giving me any extra today. I hope you like the pictures. I'll explain them in a letter or next week. And I’ll let you know about transfers.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Elder Zachary Gore

The sister missionaries made lasagna and brownies for us in between General Conference sessions on Sunday.

Helping the Young Men

March 31, 2014

This week we had some good lessons but here are the highlights.

We have a nice little family of 6 that we are working with.  We are excited because they have been taught before but by sisters. And I mean sisters are awesome but for some reason this family was never taught about faith which is the first step to well everything. So we had a good lesson about that and the youngest son, who is 11 is like awesome and they must think I'm like the coolest person in the world because he always want to be around me.  We are excited about them and the progress they are making.

Another really exciting event was with Francisco. He is a less active member of 4 years and well he has kind of lost it. He is going to have a kid this month and he is 18 and she is 15 (I think maybe 14) but regardless we got into his trust. We are buds with him now. Its part of what the president was saying, that with the sister missionaries here we kind of lost a lot of the young men and so president (branch president) told us we should work more on becoming their friends so they trust us and see that missionaries are regular people and then we can gain their confidence and help them come back to the church. So we went on a bike ride with Francisco on Thursday. It was sooooooooo Legit! It’s like dirt biking trails but we took our bikes and man were these things scary to go down. We are probably going to go again this week and bring some of the other youth and do like a ride-and-study and they will invite their friends. But I'll make a video of us doing some parts of this thing! But anyway…. Now we are cool with Francisco so we are in a position to help him. The rest of his family has been coming back to church and so now it’s just him and his older brother we have to help back.

We go to the primary every week and we have started attending the Sunday school with some of our less active youth. So I haven't been in Priesthood meeting in about like 4 weeks buts that's ok. I like Sunday school and primary so much more haha.

(he sent this in a separate email and asked that we put it into the blog somewhere)
We are really pushing to help our less active members come back to church and it’s been a struggle but we are seeing good progress. We are working to get our young men active and worthy so that we can have as many of them as possible participating in the Sacrament whether it be preparing, blessing, or passing. We are seeing success and now have priest age priests (instead of adults- priests or Melchizedek Priesthood holders) blessing every Sunday. We are working with our other Priest-age and 2 Teacher-age young men and working hard to help them come back.
Pictures for this week!!!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!

Elder Renovato after I pulled all the sheets off his been when he wouldn't get up one morning. He fell like that haha.

Three little kids who only speak Spanish that we go to primary with to translate for them. They love Elder Renovato.

Elder Gore eating a quesadilla. (it was really really good)

 Elder Gore sad because the quesadilla is almost gone (Brayan made me another one)

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