Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Month 1 or Week 4 in the Field!!!

Month 1 or Week 4 in the Field!!!

So this week has been a lot better!!!

Alright so last Monday we went and played Rugby for Zone Sports1. I didn't die!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Tuesday we decided to go to a park and we were walking around, I was trying to learn the 10 Commandments in Spanish.  We have this fun activity we do where we use our hands and signs to remember what they all are. It’s pretty cool!!!  Anyway we couldn't remember a word and we were trying to figure it out, an older gentleman heard us and told us the word we were looking for. We said thank you and ended up spending close to an hour talking to him. Well, Elder Cebreros talked to him, I mostly just listened but yeah. He believes in Science and in personal perception as being the only truth and reality. It was weird but we had a "positive" experience anyway. He was polite and seemed to enjoy the discussion we had so that was good. :)

Wednesday. We had a lesson with our investigator J. and his family. His son is a member but his other adult children aren't. It was really cool. We taught him how to use the scriptures. Like the cross references and stuff and then taught him how to pray. While teaching him how to pray one of his daughters was like Hey! I want to learn too. So we taught her and she blessed dinner which they fed us making it a double dinner night but it was so worth it.

Food is sooooo good down here!!!  So guess what. I like beans. Lettuce I’m still working on actually enjoying. But Beans. Beans are good. So is Cookies and Cream ice cream. Dang have I been missing out!

Later that night we stopped by a home and were almost mauled by 3 dogs. I was only worried about one of them. He must have been 100 lbs. He was massive. The other 2 dogs were Chihuahuas and so I wasn't worried. Suffice it to say we doubted anyone in the house could hear the door bell over all the barking :/ soooo no visit.

Oh and I got a package from my mom and it was awesome!!!! Thank you sooo much!!! :)

Apparently nothing happened Wednesday cause the date doesn't exist in my journal :/

Thursday. We had interviews with President Van Cott. Mine was short but that’s because I’ve only been out a month now and I don’t really see a lot of the problems that the others see or have.
We taught a lesson with a less active family and we used the hand signs for the 10 commandments. And I actually taught!!!! Well a little but still!! I taught :) it was sooooo awesome!!
Oh then we met this guy at the gas station. It was weird but cool. He asked if we were getting paid and we were like nope not really we are missionaries and he goes well then yeah you are. And Elder Cebreros says yeah with Blessings I guess and this guy was like for example you wake up in the morning and you’re still breathing. That’s getting paid. You have enough food to eat for the day. That’s also getting paid. It was an interesting way to put it. I wish we could have talked to him more but it was getting late and we had to go home.

Friday. Friday was good. We got up worked out like we do every morning which is hard because my body doesn't like morning work outs. But I deal with it. We did one minute drills for Comp Study2 and I had to teach the Restoration in a minute or less. My first time was 2 and a half mins. But my second was a minute and a half. So I just have a little more to simplify for that last 30 seconds.
We had a lesson with another less active and it was sweet!!! We taught about the importance of church attendance and I taught some more again and I bore my testimony and it was sick!!!!
We had dinner and I ate 7 tacos. I don’t understand this. I'm eating more then I have ever eaten in my life and I’m always hungry but I managed to keep losing weight :/ I weighed 142 lbs on Friday. I weigh 140 today. I don’t want to lose I just don’t want to put on an extra 30 lbs. huh. Oh well.

Saturday. Saturday not much happened. Elder M. thought he had pink eye. But I think he ended up not having it but he was home all day and it was kind of weird because normally they leave 2 hours before us because of all the studies4 they don’t have. But he's better now :)
We went and visited another less active and we spent 45 mins talking to the teenage daughter.  She graduated from high school the same time I did, she coaches tennis so it’s really hard to see her or her family. It was a good visit. We found out a lot about their conversion story and about the family.
We visited a part member family and taught the commandment lesson to their little kids. It took an hour but we did it.  

Sunday was pretty sweet!!! We had 2 of the less actives we are working with show up to church which was freaking sweet!!!! Then we almost died that night on our way home cause some guy got impatient and almost side swiped the car. He was in an SUV and we were in our Corolla. Luckily we didn't die and so we still get to keep working.

Well that’s it for the week. Have to go and do actual missionary work now. We have a lesson in a little bit.

So I’ll talk to you all next week!!!

I hope you like this note!!!

I love you all!!!

Elder Zachary Gore
1)    Their zone got together to play a sport together. A district is 6 or 8 missionaries.  A zone is made up of 3 or 4 districts. 
2)   Comp Study = (Companion Study) – Missionaries prepare what they plan to teach that day and practice teaching with each other.

3)    Extra studies -  Each morning they have personal study time from  8-9, companion study from 9-11, and language study 11-12. 

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