Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week 9

Not much has really happened since last Wednesday. This will be kind of short I think. But I guess we'll see…

So Thursday. Thursday we didn't get tons of "work" done in the lessons sort of sense. But that’s ok and normal cause that was weekly planning. We spent a good 3 hours on it and we feel pretty good about the stuff we want to do this week and what the Lord wants us to do. Since it’s his work and we are just the servants working in the Vineyard. (Anyone know the passages of scripture I’m talking about?). The only other thing that really happened was that I called Elder B_________, who is one of the new AP's and is like the bike man, and asked if there was any way I could get my bike when we were up at the office on Saturday. He said of course and I was really excited, I'll get to more about my bike on Saturday when we got it and put it together but not until I talk about that day.

Friday. I got the package from my mom with muffins and a CD and lots of candy and it was awesome!!!!!! The muffins were moist and chewy and smelled just awesome!!! I'm trying to make them last as long as I can. We taught a couple lessons but not really all that much else happened.

Saturday was the missionary conference and it was the coolest thing I’ve ever been too. It felt like a spiritual bomb had been dropped we are all just so pumped to work!!! It was really cool because president mentioned me in the conference about the email I sent him last week and the 8:30 miracles. There is too much to say about it and not enough time. I'll prepare some stuff to type up about it for next week!!! Now to the last bit about my bike :) we assembled it and we found that a part was bent, we managed to straighten it but that was all we did after the conference was put together my bike. I can't wait to ride it!!!

Sunday was sooo cool but I don’t have time to share the story... ugh I’m sorry I’ll work to email better next week. I'm really, really sorry. But I have to go.

Everyone be good and remember who you are!!!!

I love and miss you all!!!

Elder Zachary Gore

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