Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's December in Indio, CA

It’s December!

There were a lot of people out of town as it was Thanksgiving so not much work got done….

Monday night we had dinner with the T____ family and they are really fun! They are like the best missionary family in the ward. They both served missions and they just love sharing! Also HMA. T is trying to learn English so she understands what we are going through. She doesn't speak Spanish any slower because of it but she tries to talk to us and help us practice. Then we went to the Bishops home for FHE and we shared with them a card and list.  It’s a list of twenty-two things that members can do to be missionaries and we have a little card and we challenge the members to pick 5 of the things as goals to do for the week and try to do all five but at least do three. We haven't had much success but we haven't been doing it for very long. But we are hoping to motivate the ward in missionary work.

Tuesday. We had a district meeting. Then we spent 4 hours shoveling rocks to cover some ones yard. This is what is destroying my shoes. I'm sorry I forgot to take any pictures :/ But then we had a really good dinner with the less-active family L__. They make really really good food.  

Wednesday.  Elder M. and I went on an exchange because he needed to fill out some forms for his visa to Brazil. But it was a good hour and a half drive and then standing around trying to figure everything else out. We left at noon and we didn't get home until after 6. It was long but it was a lot of fun. We talked about Virginia (Elder M. is from Stafford, VA) and about cars, work, bikes. It was a pretty good day.

Thanksgiving was good. Elder C. made me a really good cake and we hung out and I opened all my presents and they are awesome! I'll get pictures of me in each of the new ties next week!!! But we had a long weekly planning and then we tried to go visit HMO. M______ but he wasn't home so we went to dinner. There is the cake video and the gifts I got. But it was really good. Turkey, potatoes, like 200 rolls, 30 or so people and we just talked and had fun. The cake was sooooo good!!! It was 3 or 4 cakes stacked on top of each other. I think I'm going to be really fat at the end of the Christmas season. But that's ok. We are doing the Insanity Workout videos every morning. But after the dinner we dropped off cookies to a bunch of the families we are working with :)

Friday we went on exchanges! Elder Mo. (one of the zone leaders) came with me down into Cochella. It was a lot of fun. We didn't really get a lot of work done though. Which I guess is normal for Elder Mo., he said he has only been on 2 really productive, missionary work wise, exchanges. He thinks it’s so he can really get to know the missionaries and figure out what he can do to help them. But basically everything we tried fell through until after dinner. We decided to go visit this way less active family. Who live at like the bottom of our area. It was kind of on a whim because Elder Mo. told me about the daughter who had flirted with him the last time he'd been there and I was like oh! Hey lets go see if she's there and we go to this home and it was awesome!! Not because she was there. It was awesome because it was just the guys in the family, the dad and the sons. We had a really good talk and I talked to them about the promise in Nefi 3:7 and we invited them to church and they said they would come!!! It was super sweet!!!! Then we went and had a lesson with C. and we talked to him about studying and we did some practice and it was a lot of fun and we hope we were able to help him out. :)

Sunday. Sunday was Elder C.'s birthday. We made a cake and the Hermanas gave him a lot of party stuff and we took pictures.  We were on sugar highs the whole night because like we've had 6 cakes in the course of a week or so. It’s CRAZY!!!!! But it tastes so good. 
The Elder's made the chocolate cake & the Sisters made the rainbow cake for Elder C.'s birthday!

So that is my week! Thank you everyone that sent me letters and presents I love them and I will get on the thank you cards and send them out as I have time. Which isn't a lot but I promise they will come. 
Birthday wall

Until Next Week!!!
Elder Zachary Gore

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