Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zone Conference

February 19, 2014

Look at those handsome Elders sitting at the table behind the sisters. 

So the last 5 weeks really have been pretty tough. Biking is really, really hard especially in a large area where it takes at least 20 minutes to get to anyone's home. It’s slightly frustrating because we could at the very least be talking to every person we see but we have nobody to talk to. We can literally go a whole day and the only people we will see are in their cars driving. Nobody is outside and nobody wants to talk to us.  Everyone is always working. The nice thing though is that we have some really awesome members. They have all told us that their homes are our homes and if we don’t have dinner appointment we can just call and come over. But I’m running out of time because we have to go out and work so I’ll talk to everyone next week!
I know this church is true and I love this Gospel!
Elder Zachary Gore!

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