Thursday, June 12, 2014

May 27, 2014

Ok so to start off for this week it’s been alright. We didn't have a lot of crazy stuff. Really the thing that is the saddest is that Elder R is leaving. He is being moved to Rialto and he is going to be in an AP trio. Like what the!!!! 3 AP's its madness!  But it'll be good. It’s probably time for a change I've learned a lot from Elder R about leadership and teaching and especially Spanish. 3 transfers with only hearing Spanish. Yeah I don't have any problems with accents. I mean sometimes my mind wanders a little but yeah. I'm really going to miss him a lot :/ Oh well. Other than that nobody else in the branch is leaving and my new companion will be Elder M ,coming from Coachella. So this is crazy I guess Heavenly Father is entrusting me with an area. I hope I don't mess anything up.

Other than that we had a good lesson with Ismael and his family. They are progressing and it’s really exciting! They love church and they feel good there and they are learning and they feel happier in their lives. I'm so excited for them!!!!

That's really about it. We had a zone conference and well musical instruments are no longer allowed. So even though I wasn't being disobedient with it I'm going to send home my uke :'( And I won’t play another one until I get home from my mission. Man this is going to be hard >.<

My Spanish is getting better and I'm getting better at teaching. We are working to be exactly obedient and our area is growing. We are excited and happy and ready for the next transfer but I'm really going to miss Elder R :/

Hope everyone has a good week! I'll talk to you later!!!

Elder Zachary Gore

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