Friday, November 21, 2014

November 17, 2014

Hey Mom!!!

So this week has been pretty good. A little rough because we didn't have bikes until Saturday. But I’ll talk about that in a minute.

So basically starting Wednesday Morning (transfer day). We got up I finished packing and we got picked up. We got to the Mission Home and we loaded our stuff into the mission Jeep and drove out to our apartment. Unfortunately the jeep doesn't have that big of a trunk. Soooo we had to make a total of 3 trips for all the elders that were in the car. It was so long we spent close to an hour and a half in the car to haul everything but then we got done and we could relax for a few minutes. Now the fun thing was that we didn't have an area. Because what happened is that 6 months ago they closed the area and combined it with the sisters and other elders area. So we came in and we had no area book, no bikes (I was told to leave it in the apartment in Redlands, and Elder Rodriguez was told to leave it at the Mission Office) and no area. So we unpacked and walked around a bit. We had dinner with the other Elders at the Espindolas home. They are a really cool family way up in the other elders area, but they are ward missionaries so we'll be working with them a lot. Then after that we just walked around near where we lived and talked to people and tried to find the members that were around.
Elder Rodriquez and Elder Gore
Thursday we "weekly planned". As in we basically just sort of made an action plan for how we were going to meet all the members and find the formers. We had made some plans but everything fell through with the couple of people we did have the phone numbers of. So we basically did the same thing as Wednesday. Well minus walking an hour to the other elders apartment so we could get the other area book and some records.

Friday was the same. But the ward had its Thanksgiving party so we got to go and we met a bunch of the members. We also met the Bishop (I don't know how to spell his name) and the sister missionaries in the ward, and like basically everyone. It was pretty fun and the food was pretty good. Also nobody in my district, well not my district, I'm just a regular missionary again!!!!, but nobody is from Utah!!! Actually 4 of us are from the East Coast!!! There is me from Virginia, Elder Rodriguez(Comp) from Florida, Hermana Clark is from Georgia, and Hemana Jimenez is from New Jersey. Then we have Elder Jewell from Ohio and Elder Baer (yes I’m back with Baer and he is District leader) is from Colorado!!!!
Elders Gore, Rodriguez, Jewell and Baer
Saturday we got our bikes!!!! YAY!!!!! So we went out and started working and we had dinner with Hno. Toriz he is our Ward Mission Leader. That was super fun. Cause it was also his daughters 8th Birthday Party. So guess who showed up!!! Elder.. I mean Edgar Renovato!!! He's dating a girl in Rialto 3rd ward who is related to Hno. Toriz. So he was there and it was super weird but it was awesome to see him!

Sunday we had church. Church was good. We went to ward council, the ward wants to go all out with missionary work. So we are excited for that! Also we went to a baptism of Hno Toriz's daughter, because Elder Rodriguez had to play the piano. And they put me in charge of the movie we played after and ugh. The computer went crazy while I was putting it on and I was like No No NO!!! But I fixed it and everything was good. There were so many people at the baptism though!! It was insane!!! Pedro from San B came along with the Elders from San B. So I saw Elder Morris and Allen again and I found out that Pedro is getting Baptized on the 30th of November!!! I'm so excited!!! I love that kid!!!!

But yeah. Everything is good now. We have our bikes, we have an area. We have really good members and some really good potentials and investigators that just got turned over to us. So we are excited!!!

But yeah that’s about it!!

I hope you all have a great day and week!

I love yall!!!! bye!!!

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