Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15th 2014

Sooo for this week! I'm not getting transferred!!! YAY!!! But I’m losing Elder Rodriguez and that makes me super triste (sad). :'-( He's going back to Rialto 3 which is where he started his mission. So he is kind of excited but also not because he has been moved every transfer since he started his mission. But I'm staying which is a change too so I'm happy about that. Elder Jewell is leaving to Redlands to be with Elder Maroto. Elder Baer is staying and he will be finishing the training of Elder Lopez who is from Mexico. And the sisters are both staying.  

So I'll start with Wednesday. We had exchanges and Elder Baer and I went and did service with the Rodriguez family again. We cut their front lawn and we cleaned the horse stalls. It was fun. I was also feeling pretty rough because I was getting over a cold and Hna Rodriguez gave me some Mexican medication to kill the pain in my head. Which would have been fine because normally the meds they give in Mexico are more concentrated then here in the U.S. But it didn't help at all. After that we rode back to the apartment and changed and tried to go visit people but nobody was home and so we were riding and we saw this car pulled to the side of the road and so we stopped and started talking to him, his name is Brian, and we were able to get a hold of someone to come and jump him and so we got his car started and we got his phone number but he didn't want to give us his address so we were just like well ok that’s fine. So he drove off and we started riding and we go about a mile and who do we find stopped dead at the light. Our buddy Brian. So we locked up our bikes and we helped him push his car to his house. And so we found out his address. haha. We thought that was pretty funny he tried and tried but couldn't get away!!!

Thursday I was sick so we stayed inside :/ Just a cold so nothing too bad but I didn't want to get anyone else sick and my head was pounding and everything hurt. So yeah we just stayed in.

Friday we decided to walk and use our umbrellas to keep us from getting super mojados (wet). And so we walked, there weren't tons of people outside…ok there was nobody outside!  But we were able to find a lot of people at home and we had some good lessons and watched He is the Gift with a lot of people. We had a Christmas dinner that night at the church and we were the first ones there to set up at 6:30 and it was supposed to start at 7 but I guess the dinner went ok. There weren't a lot of people there we are hoping more people will be at this Saturday’s Noche en Belen(Night in Bethlehem). We'll see how it goes. 

But that's my week! I hope everyone has a great Christmas and that we can all remember the reason we celebrate! To remember Jesus Christ and His birth and that because of Him we can all be saved and return to live with our Father in Heaven. 

I hope everyone has a good week!
I love yall!
-Elder Zachary Gore

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