Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 9, 2015

So this week didn't have soooo much stuff happen so I’ll just go through the highlights because I don't have much time!!! 

We had exchanges this week they were super fun! We had some good lessons and it was nice to just change for a little bit. I learned a lot from Elder Baer, he's going home next week...Sad :(, but yeah I saw how he talks and contacts people on the street and I’m going to try and implement what I saw and learned. On the exchange we had dinner with the Iglesias Family. It was super bomb. We had carne asada and frijoles, and arroz, y salsa. It was the best dinner I have had in a while but that’s because we haven't had very many dinners lately :/ But it’s all good! 

We had a super good lesson with Hno. Medina who isn't a member but his family all is. We found out that really the reason he isn't baptized is because he felt pressured by everyone. They kept putting him on date and it kind of freaked him out and he focused more on the baptismal date then on what was going on at church, or in the lessons. So we are just going to teach him and not bring up any dates and when he is ready he'll tell us.

We had ward conference. That was pretty fun. The youth and primary sang and we all got little flowers haha. It was good. Moises Larios just got home from his mission so he bore his testimony. Elder Twitchell and Elder Baer had their Departing Devotional on Sunday to so Workman and I got put together and went and did some work. That night we went to the church for Moises' Home Coming Fireside. It was pretty good. There was Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread, or Candy Bread) after and it was interesting to hear about missions in Spain. I don't want a home coming devotional thing though. So don't do it! I won’t go! haha. 

That was about the week. Other than some district pictures because we had our last district meeting >.< Well for this district. We'll see what happens in a week haha.

I know this church is True. I know we are guided by a living day Prophet who receives direction from God to guide us and help us be happy! General Conference is coming up in a month. I invite everyone to prepare themselves to receive personal revelation. Read the scriptures, pray, think about questions you have and concerns. They can be answered if you are prepared to get the answers.

I'll talk to yall next week!
-Elder Zachary Gore!

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