Thursday, May 15, 2014


May 5, 2014

So to start off with. Elder Renovato and I cleaned that fridge. We got it from a member so we could give it to an investigator who's fridge died like 3 weeks ago. It was nasty inside. I didn't want to take a picture.

 We went on exchanges, this one day this week, I went English and it was really, really weird. We didn't really teach anyone. But I got to drive the truck and the wind was crazy that day.

Then we found a chair in the middle of nowhere and I had to sit in it.

Also the Terminator Car. Crazy!!! Its so cool!!!! 

Then we have Yaretzi. She just turned 4 and she says I am her bestfriend. She's really cute and super funny haha.

Elder Renovato and I had our first whole fishes. As in we pulled the skin and meat off of the bones of that fish and ate it. It was really really weird. I like fish but I realized that like after my mission if I never had more I'd be ok with that haha.

Then we have Elder Gonzalez turning 20 so we went to Tacos and Beer. One of the best restaurants ever!!!! And had a little party for him! Deroche made a cake and it was really really good!!!

We were at Brayans house and he got a gopher in his yard so we took some pictures and then stuck a hose down the hole.

On Saturday we went to lunch with Hermano Glausser. Denny's!!!! Man Pancakes With Cinnimon and Vanilla drizzle. Sooooooooo Goooooood!

That's Lance. He turned 8 about a month ago. He's a boss. Everyone thinks he looks like me. Its probabaly because we are the 2 white kids with brown hair haha

Today we played Soccer with the English Elders and kicked their butts haha. Elder Renovato lent me a jersey to wear while we played. It was a lot of fun!

and that's about all I got!

 Elder Gore

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