Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 15, 2014

Hey mom. So this week was pretty good. It was kind of slow. Not a whole lot happened. 

Some pictures:

 We have my weekly planning "pan dulce" it’s like sweet bread or candy bread or something. I'm not sure how you would translate it. But it’s really, really good! It’s called a "Concha". 

We had another hostage situation in our area. Well we think it was hostage. Swat was out there along with a bomb squad. 2 weeks and 2 swat trucks! It's kind of ridiculous! 

We haven't had anything great or amazing happen. It’s just been really, really hot the last couple of days. On Thursday we spent like 3 hours out in the sun riding around trying to find people. It didn't work and we were miserable the whole time.

We did have a really cool experience with Andreas one of our investigators. We went to the church and did a church tour and as we sat in the chapel we felt the spirit really, really strong and we just sat there for a long time feeling and thinking and it was really cool. It's nice sometimes to just go sit in the church and think.

-Elder Zachary Gore

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