Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hey Mom! So this week has been pretty good. So this last week was....

 So on Tuesday we picked up A, a young man in the ward that we take out with us every Tuesday and sometimes on other days of the week too, and we went and saw a potential named M.   M's ex-husband was a less-active member of the church and for that reason she knows about what we do and a little about what we teach. But we went and visited her and she invited us in and we just talked for a little bit, getting to know her. It was really good. When we left she said she'd talk to her husband to see if we could stop by when everyone was home to have a lesson. After that we had English class and that went over well.

Wednesday. We had exchanges and so Elder B came with us for the day. Basically everything fell through for the day but we had a good dinner with the R. Family. We talked to them about the Temple, and their goals on going to be sealed as a family. They said they had some things they wanted to work on first and so we set some new goals to help them progress and move forward. We also had this cool lesson with the sister of one of our members. She has had a lot of problems lately and wants to change and so we talked to her about the Atonement and how we can be healed and forgiven for everything that’s happened and she really liked that and so we are going to start working with her.

Thursday. Thursday after weekly planning we had a crazy lesson with a family. So remember how we said we weren’t sure how the husband was going to respond, but then it was ok. Well we figured out that sometimes people seem to believe they know what we are going to be teaching when we come in, even though they say they don't know that much – then try to teach us instead. Sometimes things don’t go the way we hope and the spirit just isn't there - it is just empty. So we find a polite way to leave. Without the Spirit present we can’t be effective, we will try again and see what happens next time.

Friday. We taught M about tithing and fasting. Oh and I'm not sure if I already told you all this but M is getting Baptized this Saturday!!!! But the lesson went super good and she understood everything and is willing to live it. 

Saturday. So we decided to walk and as we were getting to the neighborhood we wanted to walk we got a text from President saying that everything was staying the same, speaking of transfers, the area and companionship, except that Elder C was going to Fontana. So that was pretty triste. He is leaving today, Monday the 8th. We had another lesson with M and went over some more of the commandments. 

Sunday was good. We had Stake Conference. Elder Gifford Nielson, the Seventy that came and visited our mission and then spoke in general conference, came and spoke at stake conference. After that because Elder C is leaving he wanted to go take pictures with some members so we went over to the T.'s family home and Sister D, 2 other elders showed up it was pretty weird but it was cool at the same time.

That was the week! I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and I'll talk to yall on Monday!

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