Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 1, 2015

Ok so this week was pretty good. Like I mentioned on Tuesday for Memorial Day we played soccer and ping-pong with Moses, and then went to In-N-Out for dinner. That night we had a FHE with the V. family and it was really fun. We read from the Book of Mormon and talked about Faith in preparing for the temple.

Tuesday. So after emailing and everything we went over to the R. family, who we found out are actually the S. family, and we got to know them and about their religious background and about their family. It was really good. At first the husband was working on the stove in the kitchen and so we prayed and were just starting to talk and he walked over and started talking about the Biblia (Bible) and we totally thought he was going to try to bash with us. Which doesn't get anyone anywhere so I was slightly preparing myself to get us out of there but obviously we were going to see what happened. Thankfully he didn't want to bash he was just sharing his experience with the scriptures and church and it was all really good. We had dinner with the M. family. They always give us sooo much. After that we had the English class. It went super good. I had gotten blisters the day before from soccer and it really hurt to walk and I had kind of had a bad day so I was able to go on a split with a brother and help prepare the tacos that they sell at mutual and it was just really good to just talk to him and get to know him better.

So Wednesday. We drive out to Redlands for the iPad meeting. I was super cool to see Brother Gonzalez. He did a really good training on how we are to use the iPads and how they are a tool, like a pen, or a shoe. It was also funny because he called me out and talked about how he knew me and that I had cut their lawn before the mission and then he told everyone that I had missed a spot before I left and that I needed to go cut it when I got home. It was fun. Then I found out that I don't get an iPad. I don't even get to use a rental. I just have to watch my companions use them for the last month of my mission. Ugh. So triste. But it’s ok. I don't need one. 

Thursday we did Weekly Planning and it was super intense we went for about 4 and a half hours straight. It was crazy long and exhausting but it was super good. We had another lesson with the S. family, and we talked about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. They were very much in agreement with a lot of the doctrine, and they committed to Read Alma 32 talking about Faith. After that we went to the S. families home and N. told us that she is getting kicked out and has to find a place to stay by the end of this week. Ugh. This is not what we had wanted to hear.. again. Hopefully it can get fixed. 

Friday we finished the last bit of weekly planning had a couple of appointments and then went to dinner. Ummm we got food poisoning... again. we figured out that it was the rice. Our bodies aren't used to how much grease is in it. So then Saturday was just us dying in the apartment.

Sunday. Church was good. We had a special meeting with the Bishop about some things in the ward that can be improved and then during the 3rd hour the Bishop encouraged members about their duties, and other things.  Also Hno. S. like sort of kind of gave M permission to get Baptized! He just wants to make sure she doesn't just do it without understanding why. So we are going to keep working with all of them. 

and that brings us to a close. I hope everyone has a great week! Remember to read the Book of Mormon. I'm in Alma 46 right now. Captain Moroni is a boss!!!
I know this Gospel is True. I know God is Our Loving Heavenly Father and that Jesus Christ is the Head of this Church. 

Talk to ya later!
-Elder Zachary Gore

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