Monday, May 25, 2015

May 18, 2015

Ok soooo this weeeeek. 

I didn't take many pictures sorry. or take many notes for the week :( We are super busy. Going all over the area. Well not like crazy but we are trying to cover everything. But we are moving quickly and always planning and trying to be as efficient as possible with the car and everything. Its hard work. The only time I have for myself is when I'm sleeping haha. So not really even time for me. It kind of strange how not focusing on yourself and focusing all your time and attention on other people and their needs just makes you so happy. 

But anyway for the week.

So Monday was good. We had dinner with the Espindola Family and we talked to them about their missionary work and they are starting to work with a family friend that they invited to the Mothers Day Lunch/Dinner that was the next saturday. Then we had a lesson with the Martinez family and taught them the Restoration as part of the new Member Lessons for Recient Converts, since Caroline got baptized 3 weeks ago.

Tuesday. We had Zone Meeting and we were told that it is no longer our job to strengthen the members or less-actives by going and sharing a faith building message, president says that when we go into anyones home the purpose is to find. We go to members homes, we are there to find. We go to a less-active, we are to help them become active but at the same time, Find. It was kind of like mind blowing, but at the same time it made perfect sense. In the Redlands California Mission we Baptize. We help people develop faith in Christ, and Repent so that they can be Baptized. We help members go to church and endure to the end so they can renew the covenants they made when they were Baptized. We Baptize so that we can help our brothers and sisters get to Heaven. You can't get there any other way but by Faith in Christ, Repentance, and Baptism. Its the Beginning not the End. Baptism is the gate that will allow us to get to Heaven. And I could go on and on about all that we learned haha. But I don't have time for that. So we took this new outlook and went to some members homes and talked to them about missionary work and everything and they are all very excited to work. We've set up 2 FHE's for tonight and both families are going to invite some friends over to participate. It was super cool. That night we had our english class and that went very well. We had a great turn out and everyone loved it. We also noticed that Noelia wasn't doing so good. She didn't go to her class she just sat in the foyar. So we talked to her a bit and we found out that she had heard that some of the young men had been saying bad stuff about her and she felt attacked. She didn't want to talk to us then so we left it at that. Hopefully we can figure it out. 

Wednesday we drove up and picked up Jose, one of the sisters Recient Converts, and took him out with us. He is a really cool kid, just likes to have fun but is also willing to work and share his experiences. It was really cool because Jose got to witness 2 Priesthood Blessings that we gave to some members, and he was also great help with the Pacheco boys.

Thursday it rained so i got to drive in it! It was super fun. reminded me a bit of home haha. Except i was in a corolla instead of a truck, but it was an alright day. Not to many people were home but we taught the Pacheco boys again and they are progressing well.

Friday was a good day. We were on exchanges, so it was Me, Elder C, and the English Speaking, Elder B. We did some service at the library. Then we stopped by Familia D's house and he told us that he didn't want to come to church so that was pretty rough but we saw A who is an investigator and the boyfriend of a member and that was pretty sweet!

Saturday we had the Mothers Day Dinner/Lunch thing. It was really good. Everyone enjoyed it. We had chicken tacos and there was music and dancing. After that we had a crazy 3 part miracle, or 3 miracles that happened all in the span of 30 minute! When i first got to this area we had an investigator named Rey and there was a family that lived next door and they were out pretty often and we'd talked to them and we had a pretty good relationship but they weren't interested in having us come by and teach. So after a couple months of not having seen them we were in a appartment complex and the mom see's me and asks if we can help them move. we helped them move and then they invited us to dinner! We are going this tuesday! It is super cool how the Lord puts you in places so that you can start to prepare people and then how everything works out perfectly so that they can be more open to accept the Gospel. While we were helping them move, some members from Upland stopped us and told us to go visit a friend of theirs who lived in that complex, Member Referral, and then we went over and contacted him and he told us that he'd been hoping we'd stop by to give him the direction to the church and everything. it was super cool!!!

We had a great lesson with the M Family on Sunday and Hna. told us why she didn't really want to come to church. So we are going to work with them on that because Hna knows its important and wants to be able to have the guidance of the Spirit and be clean. So hopefully we can start moving forward now. And that was the highlights of the week! 

So I hope everyone is doing good! I hope everyone had a great week and that this next one is awesome too!
I'll talk to yall later!
-Elder Zachary Gore

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