Monday, May 25, 2015

May 11, 2015

Ok so this week was kindof interesting.

On Monday we had a lesson with the Pacheco boys and a FHE with the Martinez Family. In the FHE we watched a couple parts of the Preach My Gospel DVD's that we use and we talked about preparing to go on Missions. It was super fun. The Rodriguez Family was there and Hno. Rodriguez asked if he could borrow the DVD's.

So we decided to make the greatest map that had ever existed in the Rialto 4th Ward. We went to the Library and we starting copying the maps and fitting them all together but we didn't have time to do much more then put them all onto a file in order. It took about an hour and a half to do it all. After that we went over to the Camacho's home. They recently moved into the Ward and one of the daughters has a boyfriend who is 19 and is interested in the church. So we had our fisrt lesson and got to know him and what he expected and so forth. His name is Anthony, please pray for him.

Wednesday everything fell through sooooo yeah. I don't have any notes for that day..

 Thursday. We had a great lesson with N and M! We talked about Baptism and about how they feel the spirit and they shared some really cool experiences. Maggy told us that she feels a good, warm feeling in her chest every time we talk about Baptism. She wants to do it, she is ready. N told us that she feels/hears a small voice in her head that is like whispering to her that she should get Baptized. We talked about Baptism and how we can be clean from all of our sins, all of our mistakes, and have those burdens lifted off of us and Noelia really wants that, so we invited her to pray and ask if she should get baptized. She said she would and she's been praying about it the last couple days. Hopefully she'll get her answer soon. 

So Friday we went back to the library and printed out all the maps. We walked around in the rain a little bit and then we had dinner. After that we had a lesson with a guy named W, he is the brother of a member, that went super well and then we had another lesson with the Familia P and taught them the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom.That went super well and we found out that the boys have some problems with drinking ice tea so we are going to work on that.

Saturday we did some service for the Cub Scout Day Camp and we did a bike safety station. We taught them how to ride a bike safely, with hand signs, and stuff. I even simulated a wreck and basically threw myself off my bike. Mom i'm sorry about the Columbia Jacket >.< After that we picked up Jose who just got baptized and he came out with us. It was fun he bonded really well with the people we were visiting and he had a lot of fun!

So Sunday was interesting. So we called everyone trying to set up rides and make sure our investigators were coming to church but nobody answered and we were just like "awwww" (sad face) so we get to church and there are maybe 50 people there. Thats like not even a quarter of usual. 
Then as everyone knows we skyped our parents. So crazy thing that we hadn't planned. There were 5 of us on skype at the same house at the same time. So the connection was a little bad but it was really fun to see my family again. It makes you a little trunky but its not tooo bad or anything haha. After that we had our crazy car adventure where we were trying to visit a family and we got stuck inside the gate and we were so lucky that somebody came in because otherwise we might have been stuck there forever!

But thats been the week! I hope everyone has a great week! And enjoys the last bit of school and stuff before the summer starts. I know this church is true! I know I'm out doing the Lords work and that He is guiding us. 

I'll talk to you later!
-Elder Zachary Gore

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