Monday, May 25, 2015

May 4, 2015

Ok so as everyone knows we all stayed in our areas with our companions. Weeeeelll that didn't actually happen. So Tuesday everything was fine and dandy. We had our last district meeting thing as only Spanish and we rededicated the chapel for the missionary work as a district. After that our district leader called us and we did a emergency exchange to go give a blessing in the hospital and then that night we went to mutual to wait for an investigator family and we played a little game of soccer with the youth while we waited.

On Friday we did some service at the library and then we went and had a couple good lessons with people up in the North part of the area. I'm not really sure who they are yet. So in a week or so I should have most of it down haha. Then we had dinner at the Familia C. and we had some really good carne asada and hot dogs and rice. We also saw the new mothers day video. That was cool. After that we had a bomb lesson with the Pacheco boys and we role-played them asking their dad if they could get baptized. It went really well so we are looking forward to see tonight how it went. After that Elder C got sick. He ate to much food. So he was struggling through our last appointment with Familia M. But then we got back to the apartment and Elder C threw up everything and he's been fine ever since. 

Saturday. We got up had studies and did another 4 hours of weekly planning. Its super hard to combine 2 areas >.< So much work. But that night we had dinner with Hermano G and it was super good I don't know what you'd call it but it was a bowl of beans and chicken. You just scoop it out with tortilla chips and its pretty dang good. Then that night we had the second English class. Nobody showed up :( But thats ok. Its a saturday night. Thats kindof hard for people. So we'll see what happens next week.

Then Sunday came. We had a super crazy Elders Quorum Class. It was about The Law of Chastity. It was definitely a guys only class. One hno said "Hablando de los casados y no casados, Los que estan adentro quieren salir, y los que estan afuera quieren entrar!" Which means- Speaking of those who are married and not married, those who are on the inside want to leave and those who are on the outside want to come in! It was so funny. After that we had a super good lesson with the Familia S. I was mostly focused on N and M and Elder J and Elder C were focused on C, and it was super good. We found out a lot of the doubts and problems and N even told us what her main concern was about Baptism. We talked about it a bit and she is feeling better about it now. M really wants to get baptized so we are working hard with them.

That was the week really. It has literally been one of the most hectic of my whole mission. Craziest thing I have ever been through. Could never have imagined this would happen. I'm sorry about the lack of pictures. I'll take more this week i promise! I hope everyone has a great Mothers Day. Watch the new video that church made its super good!

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